Tractor Compost Turner | TBT20

Composting becomes more and more popular for farms across the world. We design and manufacture tow-behind compost turner for farmers across the world. We try hard to help farmers improve manure handling and soil conditioning, to make a clean and sustainable world.

Tractor Compost Turner | TBT20 Features

YYK Barn tractor compost turner (TBT20) offers several advantages

  • Compact, simple and hardly break down, simplicity means worry-free;
  • Arched hood better matches windrow intersectional shape;
  • Tractor can easily lift it up for relocation, no further hydraulic system needed;
  • 3 point linkage onto the tractor, PTO driven with clutch.
  • Quality PTO shaft and heavy-duty reduction gearbox hold up to years of heavy use.
  • Turning height adjustable using manual jack and tractor.
  • Water spray system available.
  • The hood can be upgraded to stainless steel for a high moisture environment.

Tractor Compost Turner | TBT20 Specs

Tractor Power

Over 80HP recommended, not less than 60HP. Less than 540RPM;


820kg (subject to detailed material and attachment)



Drum Diameter


Windrow Width


Windrow Height


Turning Capacity


Drum turning Blade

Abrasion-resistant Manganese Steel

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