TMR Mixer TMR-7000

YYK Barn Tech offers high quality TMR mixer (total mixed ration mixers) with a capacity ranging from 7 to 36 cubic meters (247-1271 cubic feet). Our TMR mixers are well designed and produce consistent feed, allowing livestock to consume uniform and necessary level of nutrients with each bite. We choose best steel for container body and the augers, ensuring you have worry-free usage and super low maintenance cost.  Choose YYK Barn, you choose right brand.


TMR Mixer TMR-7000 Features

YYK Barn Single Auger Trailer Mixer


A good TMR mixer must have the following features:

  • First, longevity and sturdiness under all kinds of conditions, which is achieved by high-quality parts and top manufacturing processes.
  • Second, good mixing result, which is essential for ration palatability and consistent nutrient intake for each bite.
  • Third, maximum value. Each order from clients represents faith in our product offering, We never overprice our products, we offer high-quality, affordable products and hope clients will benefit from YYK Barn durability TMR mixers.


YYK TMR mixers entail the following techniques to achieve the above quality:


  • Rugged and reliable transmission and speed reducer system designed to withstand hard use in all kinds of conditions.
  • Well-designed augers, combined with tungsten carbide knives, ensure thorough and quick processing of all shapes of bales and silage.
  • The auger screw and container wall made of super abrasion-hesitant manganese steel (Q355 in China GB/T standard or S355 in ISO standard), the material functions well after years of repeated use, and provides excellent weldability.
  • Customized manufacture is allowed to better cater to the specific requirement on size, feed input, etc.
  • LCD weighing meter which is easy to read.


Tips on TMR mixer size selection


  • TMR mixer volume can be divided into struck capacity and mixing capacity, the former stands for whole capacity when feed is level with top, the latter stands for capacity which an auger can effectively blend at a time, normally 70-80% of struck capacity. Loading the mixer over mixing capacity will cause uneven blending and feed waste.
  • Based on the lactation stage, cows are often grouped as a heifer, fresh cow, high-producing / mid-lactation / late-lactation cow, far-off/close-up dry cow, etc. The size of the TMR mixer should accommodate the largest group of cows and be able to mix smaller batches of feed.
  • If 2 times daily feeding scheme is chosen, you need 50% more capacity than the 3 times feeding scheme.


Match your tractor size with TMR size for the trailer mixer, below table could be a rule of thumb for your purchase decision.


Effective TMR Mixer Capacity (ft3) Tractor Size (horsepower)
200 75
300 100
400 125
500 125
600 150
700 150

Note: We will offer your maximum loading weight according to a specific size, please do not overload the mixer to protect transmission and power parts.

TMR Mixer TMR-7000 Specs


TMR 7000 single auger

capacity in cubic meters (tailor-made)


capacity in cubic foot


Auger screw

conical spiral

auger material

abrasion-resistant manganese steel

auger thickness


Knives per auger


Tractor Power

Subject to ordered capacity

Container material

abrasion-resistant manganese steel

Container wall thickness


Container bottom thickness


Speed reduction ratio


MTR distribution door

Dual-side, or front conveyor


3-sensor, LCD

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