Milk Pasteurizer P300

Milk Pasteurizer

Waste milk, also known as Non-saleable milk (NSM), includes non-saleable transition milk, mastitic milk, and antibiotic-treated milk. Waste milk pasteurization is one option to reduce bacterial contamination (E.Coli, salmonella) and possible transmission of diseases (Johnes, Mycobacterium) and greatly enhance the economy and efficiency of a dairy farm.


Milk Pasteurizer P300 Features

  • The agitated batch pasteurizer is more economical and less maintenance involved against continuous-flow HTST pasteurizer.
  • 304 stainless steel container with a capacity of 300 liters (79gal), meet 11 cows daily production.
  • Accurate temp monitor and well-designed agitating propeller, guarantee evenly and fully agitation during the action.


We summarize pasteurized waste milk benefits against traditional milk replacer as follows:


  • Improved calf weight gain as whole milk is more protein and fat content on a dry matter basis.
  • Improved calf health is attributed to the higher level of nutrient intake.
  • Better economic efficiency, lower disposal cost, and fewer environmental concerns.


Steps to pasteurize Waste Milk:


  • Waste Milk should be cooled to 4°C/40 °F or pasteurized immediately.
  • Heat waste milk to at least 63°C / 145°F and 30 minutes.
  • Feed warm pasteurized milk or rapidly cool it to 40 °F and store it.


Recommended time and temperature for waste Milk Pasteurization:


Temperature (°C / °F) Time
63°C / 145°F 30 min
72°C / 161°F 15 sec
88°C/191°F 1 sec
90°C/194°F 0.5 sec

Milk Pasteurizer P300 Specs




Can be adjusted to 120 / 240 / 380 / 400 volt


304 stainless steel

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