Indoor Calf Pens H20

YYK Barn indoor calf pens are comprised of modular calf suite, the calf pens are easily assembled and disassembled. Once the barn is vacant, calf pens can be taken apart for cleaning to prevent pathogen building up.

Advanced roto-molding process makes those calf pens hold up long term.


Indoor Calf Pens H20 Features

  • Right pen dimensions make comfortable and isolated cubicles in calf barn,¬† ¬†effectively prevent communicable diseases when the animal in confinement condition.
  • Modular construction, makes convenient set-up and disassembly, those calf pens are easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean.
  • Indoor calf pens are friendly to ventilation, especially for calf barn positive pressure tube ventilation. Adjustable opening on back panel can prevent draft while guarantee good air quality.
  • Two pail holders for each calf, right opening makes intake of grain and liquid feed easy.
  • Top LLDPE materials, solidly constructed, years of trouble-free usage.

Indoor Calf Pens H20 Specs




Single unit: 66KG; Each more unit add 48KG



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