Free Stall Loop Divider Standard FSL-01

Free Stall

YYK barn comes up with different loop designs and sizes for positioning the cow. The right size and loop shape provide your animal least restriction and ultimate comfort and keep the stall free of manure as well.

We also manufacture customized stall dividers, you provide your design and parameter after NDA, we will manufacture those for you.

Free Stall Loop Divider Standard FSL-01 Features

YYK Barn builds Free Stall loops and dividers with heavy-duty steel and good craftsmanship:


  • Galvanized steel, shaped by automatic bender, good welding;
  • Providing different mounting options, facilitate a variety of barn configurations;
  • Customized manufacturing allowed with your provision of design and parameters;



Free Stall Loop Divider Standard FSL-01 Specs

Main loop

Ø60*3mm galvanized steel

Neck Rail

Ø48*3mm galvanized steel, pipe fitting connected


86cm / 34’’


182cm /6’, 213cm / 7’, 228cm / 7.5’, 244cm/ 8’, 259cm/8.5’

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