Cow Mat CM103

YYK Barn has a superior dairy Cow Mat to keep your livestock healthy, safe, and clean. We offer a selection of barn mats from cow mattress to alleyway mats, comfortable, environment-friendly, durable, and anti-slip. You choose YYK Barn, you choose quality.


Cow Mat CM103 Features

YYK Barn Cow Mattress (Interlocking type / normal rectangle type):


Cows should be lying down for close to 14 hours per confinement, a comfortable resting area will encourage cows to lie down, which in turn increases nutrient intake efficiency and increase blood flow across the mammary gland.


YYK Barn Single-Layer Cow Mattress will offer Hygiene, Comfy, and easy-maintenance resting area for your cow.


  • Soft, elastic, offering great insulation and cushioning: bubble surface combined with honeycomb-shaped bottom create a soft, comfortable resting area that encourages the cow to lie down.
  • Skin-safe and non-slippery: made of car tire, zero irritating to cow skin, offering good traction, prevent your cow from slipping.
  • Hygienic and reduced cubicles maintenance work: easy to wash, reduce bacteria, keep your cow from mastitis.
  • 5-7 years durability


With YYK Barn cow mat

You may decrease You may increase
Slipping risk Lying downtime
Cow lameness Resting comfort
Cow joint hurt Lactation
Mastitis Milk quality
Barn noise level Barn Hygiene
Vet expenses Reproduction
Barn Maintenance cost Cow health

Cow Mat CM103 Specs







Shore A Hardness



1.3g/cubic cm


Bolt / Bolt + Interlocking

Tensile Strength (Mpa)


Elongation at break (%)


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