Cow Mat CM105

YYK Barn has a superior dairy Cow Mat to keep your livestock healthy, safe, and clean. We offer a selection of barn mats from cow mattresses to alleyway mats, comfortable, environment-friendly, durable, and anti-slip. You choose YYK Barn, you choose quality.


Cow Mat CM105 Features

Products: YYK Barn Alleyway Cow Mat (Gingham type):


Barn floors should provide confident footing for the cows, leg joints, ligaments, and tendons are the main tissues damaged when cowslips or fall onto or against hard surfaces as a result of slippery floors.

YYK Barn Rubber Cow Mats provide a reliable solution to the above issues.


  • Good traction and proper thickness mitigate the chance of slipping accidents.
  • Well-designed surfaces facilitate the natural runoff of liquids and are super easy for scraping.
  • Rubber nail evenly distributed underneath ensures a strong grasp on the floor.
  • Hygienic and reduced cubicles maintenance work: easy to wash, reduce bacteria, keep your cow from pathogens.
  • Special ingredients make high durability, resist over 10 years of repetitive usage.
  • Passed DLG test, best quality in Cow mat industry


With YYK Barn Cow mat


You may decrease You may increase
Slipping risk Lying down-time
Cow lameness Resting comfort
Cow joint hurt Lactation
Mastitis Milk quality
Barn noise level Barn Hygiene
Vet expenses Reproduction
Barn Maintenance cost Cow health


Rubber Nailed bottom option is good for the alleyway, while Grooved is for milking carousel in the milking parlor

Cow Mat CM105 Specs


20 mm or 25mm.





Bottom Surface Option

rubber nailed or grooved

surface option

square and bubble.

Shore A hardness


Tensile Strength (Mpa)


Tear Strength (kn/m)




Abrasion Resistance (Relative Volume Loss in mm3)


Low temperature resistance

the good shape below negative 21 Celcius

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