Cow Fan Panel Fan Belt Drive 43'' Diameter PFB6003

Panel Fans

Ventilation in confinement dairy facilities is essential to mitigate cow heat stress, lower pathogens levels, and maintain a good milk yield. YYK Barn’s cow fans fit well into any existing ventilation system. These fans offer the quality, reliability, and durability that YYK products are known for while providing you with substantial cost savings.

Cow Fan Panel Fan Belt Drive 43” Diameter PFB6003 Features

  • High precision CNC blade forming press, ensure accurate fan blade angles and air volume of the fan;
  • Panel fan cases are manufactured by a high-quality CNC bending machine and punch press, guarantee sleek-looking and durability in different environments.
  • Galvanized sheet frame, zinc coat at 275g/sqm, rugged and corrosion-resistant;
  • High-quality electric motor, compact and high torque, smooth operation, and low noise level make your barn a cow-friendly environment.
  • Our panel fans could be divided into direct drive and belt drive modes, direct-drive barn fans are popular in Asia as less maintenance work is involved, while belt-drive barn fans are popular in US and AU as they can mount the bigger motors and bring bigger airflow.

Cow Fan Panel Fan Belt Drive 43” Diameter PFB6003 Specs

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