Cow Brush | Cow Scratching Post

The YYK Barn Cow Brushes

Our line of cow brushes and cow scratching posts offer you the quality, reliability, and durability that YYK Barn products are known for. Our cow brushes will help to maximize your livestock’s comfort and health while providing you with the easy to use worry-free reliability.


Cow Brush | Cow Scratching Post Features

Features of YYK Barn Cow Brush | Cow Scratching Post


  • Versatile usage: YYK cow scratching post could be put up inside barn using bolt, or on pasture using auger base.
  • High-quality bristles material: We use high-quality Polypropylene / Nylon bristles on our cow scratching brush. It has excellent abrasion resistance, shear strength, and bristle bend recovery. Good materials mean low maintenance costs and a better experience for your cattle.
  • Removable bristle disks allow easy maintenance: 22 bristle disks attached to the scratching post, make cleaning, replacement easy and quick.
  • Heavy-duty post made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.


Cow Brush | Cow Scratching Post Specs



Height (mm/inch)

1640 / 64

Brush diameter(mm/inch)

550 / 22

Post diameter(mm/inch)

194 /7.6

Color of brush


Frame Material

Galvanized Steel / Stainless steel


Polypropylene / Nylon

Auger base for pasture


OEM Availability


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