Cow Brush CBR-011

The YYK Barn Cow Brushes

Our line of rotary cow brushes offer you the quality, reliability, and durability that YYK Barn products are known for. Our cow brushes will help to maximize your livestock’s comfort and health while providing you with the easy to use worry-free reliability that you have come to expect from YYK Barn.


Cow Brush CBR-011 Features

Cow Brush Basics and Function


The cow scratch brush is an automated cow groomer. Cows rub against the brush which then will automatically rotate giving the cow a comforting scratch and ridding its coat of dirt and pests. This has been shown to have a relaxing and comforting effect on livestock and offer several proven benefits including increased milk production, benefits to conception rated from artificial insemination and increased cow immune response.

Cow brushed are normally divided into 2 categories, stationary cow brush, and rotating cow brush. Rotary cow brush can be activated when the cattle rub against the brush. This is why a rotating cow brush is often referred to as the automatic cow brush.


Features of YYK Cow brush


  • Rugged Durable Construction: We use high-quality Polypropylene / Nylon bristles on our cow scratching brush. Our brushes have been engineered for abrasion resistance, good shear strength, and sound bristle bend recovery. The highest quality materials and construction mean low maintenance cost and a better experience for your cattle.
  • High-quality Durable Electric Motor: YYK Barn cow brushes are equipped with an IP44 protection level to single-phase asynchronous motor. This motor is water-resistant and enclosed to prevent small solids from interfering with its operation. It meets or exceeds the proven protection levels for most cow confinement. The motor operates at 24 RPM to offer the best experience for your cow. Motor voltage and frequency can be tailored to the client’s country norm.
  • Quiet Operation: YYK Barn uses high-quality smooth rotary bearings in conjunction with a quiet running electric motor mounted on a 360-degree rotating box to ensure reliable quiet operation of the cattle brush.
  • Ease of Use: The YYK swinging cow brush has fully automated start and stops features for maximum efficiency in power consumption. The brush is activated when tilted over 15 degrees and will automatically shut down after the livestock is left.

Cow Brush CBR-011 Specs



Brush length (mm/inch)


Brush diameter(mm/inch)



Polypropylene / Nylon

Overhang Arm length


Frame Material

Iron with power coating

Color of frame and brush





50/60 HZ


220/110 V

RPM and Reduction Ratio

1420RPM 1:60



OEM Availability




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