Compost Turner TBT30

TBT30 compost turner serves farms all over the world. It is simple and rugged, quick convertible between working mode and relocation mode.  This composting machine is totally affordable and easy to maintain, will add great value to your business.


Compost Turner TBT30 Features

The YYK Barn tow-behind compost turner (TBT30) offers several advantages

  • 80cm diameter drum offers efficient aeration and mixing.
  • The compost turner switches to transport mode quickly using hydraulic cylinder to lift up the hood.
  • Ground clearance is easily adjusted by hydraulic cylinder and outside jack,  quick and efficient.
  • Clevis hitch onto the tractor, PTO driven with over-load protection clutch, heavy-duty reduction gearbox hold up to years of hard use.
  • Water spray system available.
  • The hood can be upgraded to stainless steel for a high moisture environment.

Compost Turner TBT30 Specs

Tractor Power



3200kg (subject to detailed material and attachment)


4.6 x 2.85 x1.65m

Drum Diameter


Windrow Width


Windrow Height


Turning Capacity


Dram turning Blade

Abrasion-resistant Manganese Steel

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