Colostrum Pasteurizer

First Milking Colostrum is essential for passive transfer of antibodies in dairy calves, which in turn significantly affect the survival rate of newborn calves. YYK Barn Colostrum Pasteurizer effectively diminishes calf exposion to pathogenic bacteria, such as salmonella, E. coli, and Map. Pasteurized colostrum at 140°F (60°C) for 60 minutes will keep most IgG concentrations.


Colostrum Pasteurizer Features

  • Using a rotating cage structure, a hot water bath of a colostrum cartridge ensures thorough heating up.
  • You may pasteurize fresh colostrum with the machine and directly feed calves after cooling down or thaw the freezing colostrum collected before to 100-105F and do the feeding.
  • The motor frequency and voltage could be adjusted according to your specific region.
  • Top materials and fabricating process to guarantee long-term use: Key parts including ratchets, hinges.
  • The full-automatic operation, preset temperature and time? water inflow are controlled by a solenoid valve.
  • Rock wool as insulator guarantees sounds energy saving.
  • Four 5-liter colostrum bags are being heated for 1 batch.

Colostrum Pasteurizer Specs








Four 5-liter cartridges for one


12.5kw @380 volt

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