Cattle Working Systems with Head Gate

Compatible with all YYK Barn cattle handling, cattle crowding and sorting systems. The working alley is convenient to set up, easy to use and also a frugal cattle working equipment.

Cattle Working Systems with Head Gate Features

  • This open cattle working systems are super portable and frugal, yet solid;
  • Clevis linkage, easy to set up and disassemble;
  • 16’(4.89m) cattle alley with width of 28’’, YYK Barn’s alley stop on top on alley preventing cattle back up;
  • Besides fixed-width alley frame choice, you may also opt for adjustable alley frame to cater to calves operation;
  • Hot dip galvanization / powder coatinghelps the cattle working equipment resist rust, scratches and fading;
  • Well cut and welding, smooth operation.

Cattle Working Systems with Head Gate Specs




16-foot, 28'' inside width for fixed frame, 18''-29'' for adjustable frame


Alley Frame x 2, Alley Panel x 4, HGT01 Head Gate, Alley Stop

Alley Frame Tubing

50 x 50 x 2mm

Alley Panel Tubing

40 x 40 x 2mm

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