Cattle Weigh Crate

Our cattle weigh crate is a highly portable, easy to set up cattle scale. Smooth rolling gates at both end make it very quick in weighing the animals.  You can also install a head gate at one end and turn it into a working chute. It is a very handy cattle working equipment.


Cattle Weigh Crate Features

  • Our livestock weight crates have dual framed slide-out gates. The rolling doors slide smoothly and the whole structure is sturdy.
  • Mobile digital scale display: the cattle scale display is easy for set-up and removal for recharge.
  • You may also replace one rolling gate with a head gate, turn it into a convenient working chute.
  • A rugged treadplate deck provides safe traction.
  • Our superior coating contains 350 grams of zinc per square meter applied at a thickness of over 90µm. This means that you will not have to worry about rust or corrosion for years to come.

Cattle Weigh Crate Specs

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