Cattle Waterer T201

At YYK Barn we are committed to bringing the highest quality products to your farm or ranch. Our livestock Cattle Waterer offers you the quality, reliability, and durability that YYK Barn products are known for. Our products will provide you with an easy to use worry-free solution to your livestock watering needs.

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Cattle Waterer T201 Features

Cattle Waterer has come a long way. Water can be the most limiting factor in establishing an effective grazing and pasturing system and water deficiency can reduce animal performance more severely than any other nutrient. Our cattle watering systems are constructed to withstand the rough conditions and the elements of any ranch or farm. With automated water flow control and optional temperature control and self-cleaning systems, our line of automatic cattle waterers offers maximum ease of use and minimizes the time you spend worrying about your livestock’s water needs. Make sure your animals have plenty of fresh clean water year-round with YYK Barn’s line of cattle and livestock waterers.


Features of YYK livestock Cattle Waterer


Rugged durable construction: The YYK livestock watering system is constructed of ultra-durable all-weather single shot roto-molded LLDPE plastic with a solid foam polyurethane core. This means that it will hold up to the harshest weather conditions and provide years of reliable service for your farm or ranch.

Specially formulated UV resistant materials: We use a specially formulated LLDPE plastic capable of providing 10 years of UV protection.

Ergonomic construction: the YYK livestock watering system is constructed with the comfort and health of your cattle or livestock in mind. With rounded edges to prevent bruising and separate watering stations to prevent crowding your livestock will be healthy and happy.

All-weather performance: Our durable insulated designs are suitable for use in temperatures as low as -40° C

Float sealed individual watering stations: The YYK livestock watering system’s innovative design incorporates individual watering stations for your cattle or livestock which seal with an internal float when not in use. This not only helps to prevent pests and contamination from getting into your livestock’s water supply but also keeps their water insulated to avoid evaporation and help maintain a comfortable temperature during hot and cold days.

Automated fill system: Just connect your water supply to the YYK watering system using our rugged stainless steel connection and the internal float valve will make sure that the trough remains full but does not overfill. You can rest assured that your livestock has access to fresh water all day without hassle or worry.

Optional internal heater: The YYK watering system can be equipped with a low voltage dual rod electric heating system. Our electric control panel is easily mounted on any pole or wall and features an easy-to-use temperature control system. Just set the temperature and never worry about freezing during those cold months and know your livestock will have comfortable constant temperature water to drink. Our heating system features automatic low water shut down valve and a voltage step-down for maximum safety and reliability.

Optional automatic cleaning system: The YYK watering system can be equipped with an optional automatic pressure washing system for ultimate ease of cleaning.

Cattle Waterer T201 Specs









UV resistance


Temperature control

0-40 degrees celcius

Freeze resistance

-40 degrees Celsius

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