Cattle Squeeze Chute Purchase Guide 2022

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    Author: Jeff Ong

    YYK Barn Sales Team

    • What are the advantages of a squeeze chute over a head gate
    • How is a cattle squeeze chute manufactured?
    • How can I tell the cattle squeeze chute quality?
    • Since a cattle squeeze chute is a heavy investment, is importing from overseas a viable choice?
    • For Squeeze chute, self-catch head gate vs manual head gate, which one is better?
    • Powder coated squeeze chute vs hot dip galvanized squeeze chute, which one is better?

    What are the advantages of a squeeze chute over a head gate?


    A cattle head gate at the end of an alley may seem like an inexpensive option in cattle handling and sorting. While cattle squeeze chute is a more expensive option it gives you numerous advantages advantage which head gate is incapable of:

    • Dual side or single side squeeze chutes give you better control over animals of different sizes, better control means easier and safer operation;
    • Easier access to neck and rear of the cattle via side window and palpation cage.
    • Squeeze chute normally incorporates a scale, which is convenient for cattle weighing.
    cattle squeeze chute vs head gate
    YYK Barn squeeze chute and head gate


    How is a cattle squeeze chute manufactured?


    There are many of top brands on market such as Priefert, Arrowquip, all manufacturing process are similar. Here we use the YYK Barn cattle squeeze chute manufacturing process as an example:

    • Material preparation: Accumulate cattle equipment orders, procure tubing and sheeting materials from main iron and steel plants or distributors, cut materials for corresponding parts with laser and table saw.
    • Parts fabrication with CNC bender, lathe, and stamping machine.
    • Squeeze chute assembly using welding and bolting (welding standard JB/ZQ3679  JB/ZQ3680)
    • Hot dipped galvanization or powder coating.
    • Remove zinc residual, burrs and sharp edges on the final product.
    • Packaging and shipment.
    cattle squeeze chute manufacturing process
    cattle squeeze chute manufacturing process


    How can I tell the cattle squeeze chute quality?


     A quality cattle squeeze chute has superior design, craftsmanship and materials. Normally at first glance, you may tell the design and craftsmanship by if its ease of use, cleanness of the surface, welding point density and evenness, Rolling gate smoothness, etc.

    High quality tubing material is another key component of a good quality squeeze chute, you normally can’t tell the quality in the short term, but tubing material tensile strength and yield strength are very important in the long run for smooth operation of the working chute. Considering that, a long term warranty is a good resort.


    Is importing a cattle squeeze from overseas a viable choice?


    You don’t need pay a big amount when the domestic market only offers overpriced products, buying from overseas top supplier is absolutely worth a thought.

    Cattle squeeze chutes are low-maintenance-involved products, technician support is minimal compared to machinery using internal combustion engines. You may pay more attention to design, craftsmanship and quality steel materials, and get solid warranty for the product.

    cattle handling equipment packaging
    YYK Barn cattle handling equipment packaging


    Self-catch head gate vs manual head gate


    Head Gates: Self-catching and Manual

    Self-catch head gates came along in recent years and are easy to use, however, for some fussy animals, these kind of head gate may cause bruises on the body, as the head gate is push shut by rushing animals. If livestock have negative experience in a self-catch head gate, further cattle working on them would be difficult.

    Manual head gates  use bar linkage structure to operate, and ratchet structure to set to right position. The strength and width can fit well to livestock of different sizes. For a proficient handler, squeeze chute with manual head gate is recommended.


    Powder-coated chute vs hot dip galvanized chute


    Squeeze chute coating methods

    Both coating methods can provide long term anti-corrosion for the cattle handling equipment; as powder coating has endless color options it is popular with some top cattle equipment brands such as Arrowquip, Priefert, etc. However, some manufacture, like YYK Barn tends to use galvanized coating on their cattle chute and handling systems, since hot dip galvanization requires less maintenance, and is more resistant to scratches, dents and forceful impacts. But the drawback is less color options.



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