Cattle Squeeze Chute | Dual-Side Cattle Crush

YYK Barn is committed to bring high quality cattle squeeze chute and cattle crush to your farm or ranch. Our cattle squeeze chutes are well designed and built with  quality steel. Compared with top names, our squeeze chutes are more affordable with even better quality, they can serve many years without breaking the bank.


Cattle Squeeze Chute | Dual-Side Cattle Crush Features

A Cattle Squeeze Chute or cattle crush represents a big investment, our cattle equipment allows you to achieve maximum efficiency over the long term for the lowest price point.

Features of YYK Barn Cattle Squeeze Chute:


  • Precision engineered for ease of use: YYK Barn squeeze chute is designed to make cattle handling easier and safer. The tailgate, headgate, and squeeze are designed for easy operation by a single handler. The full opening headgate guarantees proper neck pressure on the livestock and accommodates even the largest of cattle. Our design offers ease of access to the cattle’s body and neck. Our systems are designed with quick entry and quick release in mind to improve efficiency and keep your animal calm and focused.
  • Designed with the safety of you and your cattle in mind: The YYK Barn squeeze chute is engineered to eliminate rough surfaces which could result in abrasions or injury. The chute features a hinged side exit panel that can be used to remove the cattle in case of an emergency. The built-in palpation cage provides comfortable operation space and kicks protection via bar and plate. Our slip-free floor design helps keep both cattle and workers safe.
  • Mobile digital scale: Our built-in digital scale is easy for set-up and removal for recharge.
  • High-quality durable materials for a long lifespan: High-grade impact resistant 1045 steel is used in all ratchets, hinges, and key moving parts for maximum durability. High-grade wire welded steel construction of piping, joints and panels mean our products will withstand wear and tear and the test of time.
  • Corrosion-resistant: the YYK barn squeeze chutes feature superior corrosion resistance due to our unique galvanizing process. Our superior coating contains 350 grams of zinc per square meter applied at a thickness of over 90µm. This means that you will not have to worry about rust or corrosion for years to come.
  • Competitive Pricing: Raising cattle can be a huge investment but with YYK Barn’s equipment there is no reason to break the bank. Our cost-efficient heavy-duty squeeze chute and other cattle products will help to maximize your return on investment while minimizing your worries and maintenance costs.

YYK Barn Cattle Squeeze Chute also have:

  • Integrated palp cage with an anti-kick panel
  • Anti-kick bar
  • Side exit
  • Detachable weighing panel

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Cattle Squeeze Chute | Dual-Side Cattle Crush Specs


Dual-side cattle squeeze A001

Headgate Option

Manual headgate (with head-holder) / Manual headgate with width adjustable feature

Overall dimension (L*W*H)

3300*2000*2550 mm / 130*79*100 inch

Overall weight

830kg / 1830lbs (subject to headgate option)

Tube size

Square (50*50*2mm) / Round (70*40*1.6mm)

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