Cattle Loading Chute

YYK Barn Cattle Loading Chute links the cattle handling equipment and trailer, the rib-checkered ramp provides sufficient traction to cattle and encourages livestock to move up to the trailer or truck quickly. Ramp height adjustable and fixed by a chain lock. Heavy galvanization guarantees years of worry-free usage.

Cattle Loading Chute Features

  • Hot-dipped galvanization (300g / sqm) endows great rust resistance to the loading chute over years.
  • The cattle loading chute features meticulous welding, good quality steel materials.
  • ¬†Clevis linked to cattle handling equipment, make cattle move quickly and smoothly.

Cattle Loading Chute Specs




350 KG


3000 x 3300 x 1700mm

Square tubing

40 x 40 x 2 mm, 65 x 65 x 2 mm

Ramp thickness


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