Calving Pen

Calving Pen is also known as a maternity pen, is designed for calving, nursing, or veterinary work of expecting cows. YYK Barn calving pens are well-designed, very sturdy, withstand years of hard use.


Calving Pen Features

  • 4 separate side panels and 1 rear gate ensures convenient access to cattle from all direction.
  • The sweep panel and anti-push back latch make the calving pen easy and safe to use.
  • Quality built with Q235 steel, with hot-dip galvanizing after fabrication, 60?m galvanized coating guarantee good corrosion resistance over decades.
  • 2mm thickness tubing, and meticulous welding, make products rugged and beautiful.
  • 11′ radius pen, which is 1′ wider than other products on market, making it roomier space for calf care

Calving Pen Specs



Dimension in meter

4.21 x 3.96 x 2.06m (13.8ft x 13ft x6.76ft)

Total Weight


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