Calf Hutch H10

YYK Barn Calf Hutches

In their first weeks of life, a calf’s immune system has not yet developed. The YYK calf hutches keep your calves safe and separate in a comfortable environment during these crucial first weeks of life. By using our high-quality durable calf hutches your calves will be protected from the spread of infections as they develop their immune systems. Let our products ensure the health of your livestock from an early age.


Calf Hutch H10 Features

Rugged Durable Construction: The YYK calf hutches are constructed of ultra-durable all-weather single shot roto-molded LLDPE. This means that they will hold up to the harshest weather conditions and provide years of reliable service for your farm or ranch

Specially formulated UV resistant materials: We use a specially formulated LLDPE plastic capable of providing over 10 years of UV protection.

Ergonomic construction: the YYK calf hutches are constructed with the comfort and health of your cattle or livestock in mind. With rounded edges to prevent bruising and a no-slip surface.

All-weather performance: Our durable designs are suitable for use in temperatures as low as -40° C

Excellent ventilation design: Our hutches are constructed with the comfort and safety of your calves in mind with adjustable ventilation systems to ensure proper airflow

Calf Hutch H10 Specs


2.1 x 1.45 x 1.40 m



UV resistance

10-15 years


Calf hutch panels (3 pcs) and milk buckets are available

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